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Steve's UK Non-League FPD catalogues A to Z listings of every known non-league club programme in the UK, together with the earliest date of issue, covering thousands of clubs featuring English; Scottish; Welsh; Northern Irish; Ladies; Sunday and now School & Youth football...click on the links shown above for more details...


Programme covers (left to right): (1) New WMRL club Ninevah Stallions issued from the off this season, but online only and not available at their games either. (2) One growth area for new issuers this year has been Women's programmes. Shown here is an excellent effort from Sherborne Town Ladies from a WFA cup tie. (3) I can't tell you much about Santos United. They play in Charlton Park in South East London and issued this really good 8 pager for the visit of Siemens Sports back in 1993. No idea what the league was though.



Programme covers (left to right): (4) A new issuer to me came in the ESFA Trophy from Tonbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys. Local senior club Tonbridge allowed the boys to play at Longmead Stadium which must have been a bit of a treat for all concerned. (5) Sadly, some areas of the game have seen very few new issuers at all. With the FA Sunday cup being cancelled again, the only new Sunday club issue I have seen this season is from Sunderland Sunday league outfit Witherwack, and even that is another online only effort. (6) In a similar vein, the only new Scottish issue I have seen is from Inverness Athletic and guess what? They are another online only programme.



Programme covers (left to right): (7) Central Midlands League side Renishaw issued a very basic 4 page programme for 50p for their games this season. Minimal content, but at least they bothered. (8) No new issues at all from Wales this year, but an addition to the database came from Glyn Ceiriog from their North East Wales cup tie with Wrexham Stiffs in 1995. (9) Saving my favourite to last, I give you Cholsey United of the Reading & District league from 1948. What a wonderful old programme this is and entirely hand written both inside and out.

All programme covers kindly contributed to FGIF by Steve Hardy on 08/06/21Page edited on 08/07/21.