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Over the years the Travellers Tales section has become a most popular feature of our website. We have literally received thousands of match reports from our dedicated and hard working contributors 
who have travelled many miles both at home and abroad to bring you their latest hopping experiences contained in their reports.Their regular contributions are always very much appreciated and without their invaluable help none of this would be at all possible. So I would like to say a big thankyou to each and 
every member of our team. 

                    Writing a TT Report 

We are always looking for new reporters to join us. So, for those of you considering submitting a report, don't be put off, we would love to hear from you. Although it may seem a daunting task in collating a report for the first time, there are no hard and fast rules in dictating what you have to write - the length, amount of detail and writing style is entirely up to you. All reports are fully edited before being published to ensure there are as few errors as possible and any possible contentious remarks are reworded or deleted before going on-line.

                       What should I include in my report?  

As there are many different ways of writing about your visit to a club or ground, each report is unique. To make the most of your experience and in order to cover the basics we have included an example to get 
you started. The TT Report shown below is written with a checklist (to the right, in red) to highlight some of the main points you might wish to include in the report. This framework follows a neat pattern and provides some guidance in your writing. Although this is not set in stone it is important to provide the Match Details (in Section 1) to give readers some basic and important information about the match 
itself. The points (2-7) can obviously be written (if you wish) in any order you prefer. To provide more help each point on the checklist is covered in greater detail (in the yellow box) beneath the report. 

                                                              Sending My Report

Once you have completed your report and included all the main and relevant match details in the header, you can send it to us. This may be written or copied either into the body of an E-Mail or attached as a portable downloadable file (or pdf as it is more commonly referrred to) underneath your message. To find our E-Mail address go to the FGIF Contacts page found on the link in the Reports section or by clicking the menu bar tab on the HOME page.

                                                          Need any further Help? 

Should you have any further questions or need any more help in sending us your TT report, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks for showing an interest in contributing to FGIF and hopefully we will receive your inspirational report soon. 



Readers wishing to send us a TT Report about their visit should consider some/all of the following 
points before submitting it: 

1 -  Include all the essential MATCH DETAILS in the header of your report - date; teams playing;                           competition; venue; kick-off; result; admission; programme and match attendance (where known) or 
       a headcount;
- A BRIEF INTRODUCTION helps to set the scene and tells the reader something about your visit 
       (where you are going and why you have chosen the game);
- It always helps to provide the reader with some TRAVEL DIRECTIONS and an idea of how to get to               the ground;
4 -  An important section in your report. A brief GROUND DESCRIPTION creates an instant picture of                   the setting and what the ground looks like on all sides - stands, cover, seating, terracing, pitch                         barrier/fencing, floodlights, main buildings (clubhouse/pavilion, changing rooms, tea bar,                                   club/programme shop etc). You may wish to include some additional points such as neighbouring                     landmarks, any quirky features and future ground developments the club has planned to carry out;
- Readers always like to find out a bit more about the CLUB and it's HISTORY - date formed, leagues               played in, former grounds, how it got its name etc;
6 - A summary of the game or BRIEF MATCH REPORT brings your writing to life. This can vary in length             from just a couple of lines simply covering the match result to a more detailed (chronological)                           description including the scorers and times of the goals over the course of the game and how the 
       result affected the club (promotion, relegation, play-off, cup tie etc) and,
7 - .Finally, add a closing SUMMARY covering an overall impression of your visit: the ground, the game,               the fans, the programme, food etc all of which contributed into making it an enjoyable                                       experience. You could also consider whether you would recommend it to other fans or hoppers? 

        Apart from points 1 and 7 the remaining details can be made in any order

updated on 04/10/23.