FGIF would like to acknowledge each of the following contributors who have kindly provided the reports and reviews contained in this comprehensive Travellers Tales A to Z Index. Thank you for your dedication, inspiration and support in making this such a valuable resource over the years.   


Peter Abbott; Martin Alsop; Keith Aslan; Steve Ayre; Gyles Basey-Fisher; Keith Brooksbank; Ian Brown; Brian Buck; Mick Burt; Rob Campion; Owen Coupland; Brian Coutts; Paul Crofts; Bob Davies; Chris Dickinson; Mark Farnell; Neil Fissler; Chris Freer; Andy Gallon; Martyn Girdham; Leon Gladwell; Michael Greaves; Rod Grubb; Steve Hardy; Ian Harkness; Stephen Harris; Ian Hill; Phil Hiscox; Justin Holmes; Stuart James; Richie Jennings; Dave DJ Johnston; Emma Jones; Mark Jones; Ron Jones; Steve King; Mike Latham; Paddy Lillistone; Colin Marshall; Shane McCormack; Dean McClean; Andy Molden; Christine Morgan; Barry Neighbour; Rob North; Richard Panter; Chris Powell; Stuart J Pykett; Dave Reed; Paul Roach; Mike Roe; Mark Rose; Paul Roth; Paul Sirey; Andy Sneddon; Gary Spooner; Adrian Swan; Bill Williams; Dennis Woods and Josephine Wray.


Martin - May 2020