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 Welcome to the FGIF Programme Review Page for 2022-23! Firstly, I would like say a big thank you to all the   dedicated contributors who send us their programmes for use on the site. Without your help none of this would be   at all possible. Hopefully as the season progresses, we will be adding further programmes which will feature a wide   range of clubs from all levels of football pyramid.

 As you scroll down the list you will be able to view a front cover (photo or scan) of the club producing the   programme as well as some notes about the match itself (date and competition), the number of pages (where   known) and the price charged.

 We also use a basic five-star rating system (see below) which gives you some idea of the standard of the   programme issued. This takes into account things like presentation and layout as well as the content inside such as   reading material, stats, adverts, line ups etc. It also considers the level the club is playing at in the football   pyramid. Please note that this is not intended to be critical in any way as we all know the time, effort and resources   it takes to produce a programme (both electronically and on paper) these days, whether a club plays in the Football   League or at a Step much lower down the pecking order. It certainly is a labour of love and acknowledge the   majority of editors are unpaid volunteers who give up their free time willingly. It is a real joy to share their work in   this review.

 So, if you come across any programme on your travels which you think is worthy of praise or of interest to fellow   paper-chasers, do let us know. You can send a scan as an attachment to an E-Mail or send a copy by post (please   contact me for a forwarding address). We hope you find the FGIF Programme Review both valuable and something   that adds to your enjoyment of watching football.


           RATINGS - 5* - Excellent; 4* - Very Good; 3*- Good; 2* - Fair and 1* - at least its an issue!!WebEd) 22/09/22


Where a programme is deemed to be exceptional, it will recognised by FGIF with a 5*SPECIAL AWARD.

Previous winners

2019-20 - Squires Gate FC (NWCLP) - Editors - Dan/Jay Haydon

2020-21 - Squires Gate FC (NWCLP) - Editors - Dan/Jay Haydon

2021-22 - Squires Gate FC (NWCLP) - Editors - Dan/Jay Haydon


Edited MW-22/09/22 

Martin (WebEd) 22/09/22 

FGIF would like to thank all editors and hoppers who have kindly contributed their programmes for review

updated 22/09/22