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Hello everyone and welcome to my listings of all known non league football club programmes ever issued in the UK.  


This extensive database which has taken me many years to complete catalogues an updated version of the listings first used by Ian Runham (Wirral Programme Club) back in the 1980's. I would like to express my thanks to Ian for his inspiration and hard work in helping me to make this project possible.


Programmes are listed in each of the following seven categories:


 (1) English Saturday clubs; 

 (2) Scottish clubs; 

 (3) Welsh clubs; 

 (4) Northern Irish clubs; 

 (5) Womens clubs; 

 (6) Sunday clubs and

 (7) School/Youth teams


 Each entry also shows the earliest known date of issue.



Important notes:


 (a) The database includes all known issues up to the end of the 2022/23 season

 (b) Alterations and additions since last season's database are highlighted in red for ease of identification. 

 (c) Any future alterations/additions will be made at the end of each subsequent season.

 (d) Programmes from Scottish or Welsh Ladies or Sunday clubs are included in the Ladies or Scottish sections.

 (e) One-off programmes produced by hoppers are no longer included in the database.

 (f) Charity games are not included.


If you have any alterations/additions/earlier dates of issue that you would like me to include,  please send details to me: at the following E-Mail address:  


Please note that any information, no matter how small, is most welcome.


I hope that you find my catalogue both informative and interesting.  


Please note you can also find more info about my programme collection on my twitter feed. Click here for more.                                            


                                                                                                                       Steve Hardy 01/07/23